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World Congress petition/European Parliament approves stem cell research


Last December 18, 2006 the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (7FP) was approved and enforced by the European Parliament and the European Council. With reference to the petiton submitted by professor Piergiorgio Strata after the Rome World Congress (March 2006) and calling the European Parliament for the 7FP to fund research projects on embryonic stem cells, also including the nuclear transfer technique, on January 16, 2007 the EP officially communicated to Luca Coscioni Association that: - research projects on stem cells may only be funded after a scientific and ethical evaluation organised by the European Commission in accordance with the tradition of former FP; - research activities aimed at human reproductive clonation, at human genetic modification which could become hereditary, along with research activities aimed at the creation of human embryos for research reasons or for the derivation of stem cells, even through nuclear transfer, will be excluded from funding; - research activities banned in all Member States will not be funded, moreover the EC will not fund any activity in a Member State where such activity is banned. According to EP communication, some other kinds of research projects on stem cells may be supported, provided that they are submitted to scientific and ethical evaluations on a case by case basis, moreover a big effort has been made to find out what they call a just and balanced compromise. Last August 2006 the European Parliament had declared the petition receivable (ref. no. 0269/2006), according to the amendment 66 to the Buzek dispatch, which refers to the Seventh Framework Programme, partially favorable to the financing of embryonic stem cell research. Together with several scientists, policy-makers and respresentatives of patients associations, 11 Nobel Prize-winners had signed the petition:
- Alexei Abrikosov (Nobel Prize-winner for Physics) - Paul Berg (Nobel Prize-winner for Medicine) - Christian De Duve (Nobel Prize-winner in Medicine) - Herbert A. Hauptman (Nobel Prize-winner for Chemistry) - Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel laureate in Chemistry) - Richard Roberts (Nobel Prize-winner for Medicine) - Donnall Thomas (Nobel Prize-winner for Medicine) - Steven Weinberg (Nobel Prize-winner for Physics) - Eric F. Wieschaus (Nobel laureate in Medicine) - Jack Steinberger(Nobel Prize in Physics 1988) - Edmond H. Fischer (Nobel laureate in Medicine)

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