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With "Scolarmente", Luca Coscioni Association among the firsts for scientific education


After the publication of the recent PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) inquiry, that illustrates that Italian students are situated at the 36th place for the knowledge of sciences, Luca Coscioni Association claims its own pioneering role to spread scientific education into Italian high schools. Such role has been realised by means of “Scolarmente�? project, aimed to make young people aware of sciences and the scientific method in an active and conscious manner during the debates with LCA experts. “Scolarmente�? shows the traditional landscape of the political commitment of Luca Coscioni Association, that has been fighting for years against moralistic behaviours towards scientific research by promoting the freedom of research. To this purpose, Luca Coscioni Association intends to help Italian students, if needed, to choose a scientific course of studies and to believe in the scientific research generally, whereas in Italy young people are very often out of it for many economic and cultural reasons. For further info on “Scolarmente�?, please visit LCA website (in Italian)

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