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Declaration of Helsinki - Proposal of Amendments by Luca Coscioni Association and the World Congress


Last February 2008 the Luca Coscioni Association proposed to amend the Declaration of Helsinki in the framework of the DoH Review Consultation launched by the World Medical Association . The amendments we proposed also in our role of operational secretariat of the World Congress for freedom of scientific research were rejected with no further comments by the WMA consultation draft (May 2008). The proposals we made in the framework of the DoH revision process, namely concerning articles 5 and 19, have been totally ignored by WMA, though they were philosophically and scientifically funded. The reasons of our proposals were explained in the attached paper by prof. John Harris and Simona Giordano of the University of Manchester, both partners of the World Congress as a permanent forum of activities for freedom of scientific research. We will express publicly the reasons of our disappointment and the basis of our proposal in due course on an international academic journal. Please find enclosed both our proposal and response to WMA.

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