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Luca Coscioni Association chosen to study the effects of religious fundamentalism


Luca Coscioni Association will be granted 3.000 USD by the Canadian AWID - Association for Women's Rights in Development to develop a case study proposal on effects of religious fundamentalism in Italy. Our case study proposal was chosen as one of only ten others out of 180. As part of this selection we have also been invited to present snapshots of our experience at a session at the AWID Forum which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from the 14th-17th November, 2008. According to our study, "besides universal issues such as the right to die, living will, therapeutic use of cannabis and other drugs and gay marriage, women’s freedom of choice is mostly affected by moral and legal bans of religious nature, mainly on assisted reproduction, therapeutic and pharmaceutical abortion, emergency contraception and sexuality as a whole, along with attacks to universal issues concerning all human beings regardless of their sex, such as right to die or the therapeutic use of research on human embryonic stem cells". Please find attached the case study proposal to be developed in the next weeks.

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