Amnesty calls for reform of ‘draconian’ NI abortion law

  Amnesty calls for reform of ‘draconian’ NI abortion law Legislation in North breaches Britain’s ‘international human rights obligations’ Former Progressive Unionist Party leader Ms Purvis said the Northern Assembly “forces” any woman who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest, and wants an abortion, to continue with that pregnancy against her will.

Dominican Republic moves to ease abortion ban, challenges remain: rights group

  Dominican Republic moves to ease abortion ban, challenges remain: rights group By Anastasia Moloney January 27, 2015 12:42 PM   BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A presidential decision to ease the Dominican Republic’s ban on abortion is a landmark victory for women’s rights, but ensuring women can access legal and potentially life-saving abortions remains

Advocating for choice in Europe

Jennie Bristow reports on the 2014 Congress of the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraceptive Associates (FIAPAC) in Ljubljana on 2-4 October 2-4, 2014. She provides an up-to-date overview of Abortion laws in Europe that shows that Ireland and Poland “are noticeable for being out of step with the European norm” and she discusses

The Internet’s First Abortion Class.

Through the online education platform Coursera, UCSF will offer a free class focused on abortion care and access. Why this matters more now than ever. For the first time ever, an American university is offering a dedicated online course on abortion.  Starting on October 13th, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) will offer a

‘Therapeutic Abortion’ Could Soon Be Legal in Chile

Chile, one of the most conservative countries in Latin America, is getting ready for an unprecedented debate on the legalisation of therapeutic abortion, which is expected to be approved this year. In Chile, more than 300,000 illegal abortions are practiced annually – a scourge that is both cause and effect of many other social problems.

Spain: Conservative Government Abandons Abortion Law

In September 2014, the conservative government of Mariano Rajoy decided to suspend the reform of the 2010 abortion law that was approved under the socialist government of Jose Luis Zapatero, because of internal division over the legislative project. Though in July the justice minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon affirmed that the law would be approved “by the end of the summer” – technically before

New Zealand Database lists GPs opposed to abortion

In 2014, an online database listing doctors allegedly opposed to terminations and contraception was set up in New Zealand. The database lists dozens of medical professionals who are said to oppose abortion. The site’s advocates say patients, as consumers, have a right to know who does not offer contraception or abortion referrals because of their moral

Case in which abortion was denied reignites controversy over Irish Law.

A young woman who was refused an abortion despite asserting that she was suicidal and protesting with a hunger strike has had her baby delivered by cesarean section in a case that has reignited the controversy over a relatively new Irish law that allows for abortion in limited circumstances. The woman, who cannot be named

Iran bans permanent contraception

Iran banned permanent contraception (vasectomy and similar intervnetions on women). The bill also bans the advertising of birth control in a country where condoms had been widely available and family planning considered entirely normal. The ban aims to reverse the decline in Iran’s population, but reformists see the law as part of a drive by conservatives to

Russia introduces fines for illegal abortion.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill on penalties for illegal abortion into law, the Kremlin announced on its website. The bill stipulates fines of 4,000 to 5,000 rubles ($143) for individuals, 10,000-30,000 ruble ($855) fines for officials and 100,000-150,000 ruble ($4,275) fines for legal entities. Previously, the proposed fine for officials had been close