The 6th meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

Addis Ababa, 25-26 February 2020 The Associazione Luca Coscioni and Science for Democracy are organizing the 6th meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 25 to 26 February 2020. The event is co-sponsored by the Commission of the African Union in the person of Sarah Mbi Enow

Against an international ban on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research for therapeutic purposes

We, the undersigned, [Citizens from all over the world, leaders in the fields of science, art and politics] come together to express their hope for freedom in scientific research and to reject those elements of society that would seek to constrain or otherwise undermine this freedom. As a result of rapid advancement in scientific research,

Appeal in support of freedom of scientific research and Luca Coscioni’s candidacy

Orvieto-Brussels, February 2001 Dear Professor, I am writing to you, and to many other distinguished scientists, to invite you to take part in a common battle. My name is Luca Coscioni. I have a degree in Economics and an MA in environmental economics. I have taught Economic Policy at the University of Viterbo. I am directly involved

Introduction to the founding session of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

Science and scientific culture are, at least starting from the Renaissance, the most effective system of knowledge man has invented for promoting his material and moral well-being. It is impossible to imagine the economic, social and cultural development of the western world without science. Above all it is impossible to imagine a maturing of critical

Webcast of the 5th Session of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

11 April 2018 1st Day webcast – WATCH HERE 14:00 – 17:00:“Scientific method and liberal-democracy” 12 April 2018 2nd Day webcast – WATCH HERE 9:00 to 12.00: “Human genome editing, embryos and regenerative medicine: Better understanding for Better regulation” 14:00 – 17:30: “Modern agricultural biotechnology calling” 13 April 2018 3rd Day webcast – WATCH HERE 9:00 to

Final Declaration of the 5th session of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

World Congress on Freedom of Scientific Research adopts Final Declaration In conclusion of the 5th session of the World Congress on Freedom of Scientific Research, held at the European Parliament in Brussels from 11 to 13 April 2018, a final declaration was adopted which, among other things, urges “the ninth framework program of the European

Safeguarding the right to science, also in agriculture

An article published in Political News on 21st March 2018 The Associazione Luca Coscioni (ALC) is a non-profit organisation advocating for the right to science and freedom for scientific research. Since its foundation in 2002, the association has campaigned for rights in a variety of fields, including assisted reproductive techniques, rights for people with disabilities

Modern agricultural biotechnology calling

Modern agricultural biotechnology calling 12 April 2018, 14.00 to 17.30 ROOM A3G2, European Parliament, Brussels Part of the 5th Meeting of the World Congress on Freedom of Scientific Research 11-13 April 2018, European Parliament, Brussels The session is supported by EuropaBio and moderated by John Brennan, EuropaBio secretary-general   14.00 Welcome, Key Note Speech by

Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion Fake News

Last year, just weeks before the election, an article from a site called Mad World News began circulating around Facebook. The headline read “Before Applauding Hillary’s Abortion Remarks, Know the One Fact She Ignored.” In the article, the writer says she wants to expose Hillary Clinton’s lies about late-term abortions. She argues that a baby

Resume: “Right to Science and Freedom of Research on Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances”

“RIGHT TO SCIENCE AND FREEDOM OF RESEARCH ON NARCOTI AND PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES” International Conference organized by Luca Coscioni Association and hosted at Campus Luigi Einaudi of the University of Turin Program 9 am. Registration of participants 9.30 am – 9.45 pm. Marco Perduca – Tania Re: Introduction Gianmaria Ajani: Greetings Filomena Gallo: Opening remarks  9.45