Fabio Marazzi: The evolution of intellectual property landscape

Lecturer/Position/Organization: Prof. Fabio Marazzi, University of Bergamo Session/Theme: Science and Law Title of the presentation: The evolution of intellectual property landscape The aim of science is a quest for knowledge, that has to be disseminated, shared, capitalised and Used Intellectual property is the results and outcomes of research: “Intellectual” as it is a creative output;

Piergiorgio Strata: Freedom in the access to science career

Lecturer/Position/Organization: Piergiorgio Strata Professor of Neurophysiology, Rita Levi Montalcini center for brain Repair, Dpt Neuroscience University of Turin, Italy Session/Theme: Science, Technology and Economy Title of the presentation: Freedom in the access to science career Among the many aspects of freedom in research one concerns the lack of free access to a scientific carrier which

Lewis Wolpert: Is science dangerous?

Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, Anatomy, University College, London Session/Theme: Science, society and politics – public understanding of science Title of the presentation: Is science dangerous? The idea that scientific knowledge is dangerous is deeply embedded in our culture. Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from the Tree of

John Harris: The Obligations of Society to Science

John Harris FMedSci., B.A., D.Phil. Sir David Alliance Professor of Bioethics Institute of Medicine Law and Bioethics, School of Law University of Manchester Session: Science, Society and Politics (part 1) Title: “The Obligations of Society to Science�? My question is: is there a moral obligation to undertake, support and even to participate in serious scientific