The ruling that Northern Ireland abortion law breaches human rights reminds us freedoms are yet to be won.

Although only one-third of British people are aware that it is impossible for the average woman in Northern Ireland to have an abortion, a number of significant cases across the Irish Sea have raised the profile of this struggle. A landmark ruling – though undoubtedly welcome – serves primarily as a reminder of just how far

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister announces plans to reform abortion laws

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister has announced his plans to reform abortion laws in the region for the first time in seventy years. Minister David Ford has proposed that abortion be available in the event of a foetus suffering from a fatal abnormality meaning that they could not survive outside the womb. The proposal marks a

Amnesty calls for reform of ‘draconian’ NI abortion law

  Amnesty calls for reform of ‘draconian’ NI abortion law Legislation in North breaches Britain’s ‘international human rights obligations’ Former Progressive Unionist Party leader Ms Purvis said the Northern Assembly “forces” any woman who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest, and wants an abortion, to continue with that pregnancy against her will.