The Day Peruvian Women Rebelled

As in other days, the day I rebelled I was walking home from school by myself. I was 13, and I liked to wear the skirt of that godawful Peruvian school uniform above my knees. I loved my legs, and I had recently waxed them for the first time. It was Lima in the 1990s,

Fake Morning-After Pills Found In Peru May Hint At Bigger Problem

Maanvi Singh —    A survey of emergency contraceptives in Lima, Peru, turned up worrying results: More than a quarter were either counterfeit or defective. Some of the morning-after pills tested contained too little of the active ingredient, or none at all. Other pills contained another drug altogether, researchers reported Friday in the journal PLOS ONE. Swallowing these fakes can

Peru finally implements abortion law after 90 years.

Lima: Peru finally put into effect a 90-year-old law allowing abortions in certain cases, after the government issued a new decree on how to apply the law. The new guidance covers abortions at up to 22 weeks of pregnancy and only when a mother’s health or life is in danger. “To be applicable, abortion should