China turns blind eye to surrogacy

China’s one-child policy officially came to an end on January 1. The government is desperate to increase the birth rate in the face of an ageing population. Less well-known is the reversal of a plan to ban surrogacy. Large families have become a status symbol in some circles in China. In 2011, a photo of eight

Quebec Surrogacy Contracts May Soon Be Recognized

The Canadian Press   Quebec is slowly but surely moving toward officially recognizing contracts drawn up between surrogate mothers and couples looking to conceive. If it happens, it could mean the dawning of a small revolution in family law in the province. Born to surrogate, child has no legal mother, Quebec judge rules Quebec to

Thailand bans commercial surrogacy for foreigners

Thailand has passed a law banning foreigners from paying Thai women to be surrogates, after two high-profile cases sparked debate last year. The legislation also bans the use of agents, or any promotion of women willing to carry babies for others. Last year the case of a little boy born with Down’s syndrome put Thailand’s