In 2013, five patients per day ended their lives with the help of assisted suicide in Belgium

Data published by Sudpress on euthanasia cases in 2013 in Belgium show a steep increase (25%) in the number of patients who seek assistance in ending their lives. On a daily basis, five patients ended their lives with the help of a doctor for a total of 1,816 patients.

Poland rejected the draft law on comprehensive sexuality education

Members of the Parliament voted against the bill introducing “Knowledge on human sexuality” as a compulsory subject in primary, middle and secondary schools. 368 MPs voted for rejection of the draft with only 63 opposite votes. The bill was submitted by the Vice-Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Wanda Nowicka and signed up to by the left-wing

Anti-Abortion Push Has Spain Debating Definition Of “Progress”

Read (and listen to) the story is here.

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