Fertility clinic opens in Kigali, Rwanda

Rwandans will no longer have to travel abroad to get fertility-related care following the opening of a fertility clinic in Kigali. In April 2014, the Kigali IVF and Fertility Clinic opended its doors in Kimironko suburb of Gasabo District, Kigali. The facility will initially offer services like In vitro fertilisation (IVF), a fertility treatment procedure that enables

Treating Complications from Unsafe Abortion Drains Scarce Health Resources in Rwanda

In 2012, approximately 18,000 Rwandan women required treatment for complications resulting from unsafe abortion, costing an estimated $1.7 million. The finding comes in a new study, “The Health System Cost of Post-Abortion Care in Rwanda,” by researchers at the Guttmacher Institute, the University of Rwanda’s School of Public Health and the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

In 2013, five patients per day ended their lives with the help of assisted suicide in Belgium

Data published by Sudpress on euthanasia cases in 2013 in Belgium show a steep increase (25%) in the number of patients who seek assistance in ending their lives. On a daily basis, five patients ended their lives with the help of a doctor for a total of 1,816 patients.

Poland rejected the draft law on comprehensive sexuality education

Members of the Parliament voted against the bill introducing “Knowledge on human sexuality” as a compulsory subject in primary, middle and secondary schools. 368 MPs voted for rejection of the draft with only 63 opposite votes. The bill was submitted by the Vice-Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Wanda Nowicka and signed up to by the left-wing