China turns blind eye to surrogacy

China’s one-child policy officially came to an end on January 1. The government is desperate to increase the birth rate in the face of an ageing population. Less well-known is the reversal of a plan to ban surrogacy. Large families have become a status symbol in some circles in China. In 2011, a photo of eight

Italy: Custody battle over IVF mix-up babies.

Twin babies born this week in Italy are at the centre of an unprecedented custody battle after an apparent blunder at a fertility clinic in Rome. In Deecember 2013, four couples sought ART and, due to some mistake, two embryos wer implanted in a woman who was not the source of teh oocyte used in

Cryopreserved embryos in Argentina: more than 12,000

In Argentina, more than 12,000 “abandonded” embryos (created upon request of an infertile couple but never implanted) are stoed and frozen in crypresearvation facilities and there is no plan for them to be used in assisted reproduction treatment or in research. This is the result of two decades of embryo cryopreservation. In some cases, ambryos