Pope demands that Belgian Catholic hospitals stop euthanasia

Earlier this year a group of Catholic hospitals and clinics for the mentally ill in Belgium announced that it would allow doctors to perform euthanasia on its premises. The group is linked to a religious order, the Brothers of Charity. Earlier this month Pope Francis issued an ultimatum: this must stop by the end of

“Belgium is the first country in the world not to look away”

“Belgium is the first country in the world not to look away from the unbearable suffering conditions that can affect young people as well. Belgian rules provide sufficient safeguards to prevent the abuses and the oppression, that occur in the clandestineness, to which we are condemned by such laws like the Italian ones,”, Mina Welby

Belgian rapist Van Den Bleeken refused ‘right to die’

A Belgian man serving a life sentence for rape and murder will not be allowed to have doctors end his life as he has requested, the justice minister says.Koen Geens said he was respecting the latest medical advice of doctors treating Frank Van den Bleeken, who is unable to control violent sexual urges.Van den Bleeken

In 2013, five patients per day ended their lives with the help of assisted suicide in Belgium

Data published by Sudpress on euthanasia cases in 2013 in Belgium show a steep increase (25%) in the number of patients who seek assistance in ending their lives. On a daily basis, five patients ended their lives with the help of a doctor for a total of 1,816 patients.