Widow of Italian Right-To-Die Protagonist Turns Herself In

ROME — The widow of an Italian man who became a protagonist in Italy’s euthanasia debate turned herself into police on Friday after bringing another terminally ill man to Switzerland to die. Mina Welby told reporters outside the Tuscan police station that Davide Trentini had administered a fatal IV drip himself on Thursday in Switzerland

Italy Needs Abortion Doctors

ROME — If a woman wants to end her pregnancy in Italy, she has the legal right to do so under the public health system within the first 90 days, or first trimester, of the gestation. The law, known in Italy as Law 194, has been on the books for nearly 40 years, but it

European court strikes down challenge to embryo law.

 The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a case that would have overruled existing Italian law on the use of frozen embryos in research. The court ruled that Adelina Parillo, who with her partner Stefano Rolla, a film director, created five embryos in 2002, did not have a right to donate her embryos to

Advocating for choice in Europe

Jennie Bristow reports on the 2014 Congress of the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraceptive Associates (FIAPAC) in Ljubljana on 2-4 October 2-4, 2014. She provides an up-to-date overview of Abortion laws in Europe that shows that Ireland and Poland “are noticeable for being out of step with the European norm” and she discusses

Italy: Ministry of Health proposes draft legislation on gamete donation.

The Ministry of Health made public a draft of legislation aiming to regulate gamete donation. The draft embraces donor’s anonymity with some limitations. A donor can be re-contacted by the physician treating a couple and asked to share some medical information provided the donor gave informed consent to being re-contacted and access his/her medical record

Italy: Gamete donation, court says: “no regulatory gap after ban on gamete donation was found unconstitutional.”

The Court of Appeals in Bologna issues an order in an appeal filed by two couples who wanted to access gamete donation at a time it was prohibited under Italian law. In fact, the appeals had been filed before the ban on gamete donation was lifted by the Constitutional Court in April 2014. The Court

Italy: Custody battle over IVF mix-up babies.

Twin babies born this week in Italy are at the centre of an unprecedented custody battle after an apparent blunder at a fertility clinic in Rome. In Deecember 2013, four couples sought ART and, due to some mistake, two embryos wer implanted in a woman who was not the source of teh oocyte used in