Japan plans to revise policy on doing research on human embryos

The Japan News/Yomiuri   TOKYO – The Japanese government plans to revise its basic policy on conducting research on human embryos, in an effort to implement state-led regulations on such research, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. Aiming to meet the challenges posed by new technologies such as genome editing – a technology that efficiently alters

Aging, Indebted Japan Debates Right to ‘Die With Dignity’

Retired Japanese airline employee Tarou Tanzawa said he hadn’t thought much about his own death until his 84-year-old mother was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma and decided against costly and invasive life-prolonging treatment. He watched his mother die peacefully at a nursing home where she received only palliative care after checking out of the hospital where

Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells.

A Japanese woman in her 70s is the first person to receive tissue derived from induced pluripotent stem cells, a technology that has created great expectations since it could offer the same regenerative potential as embryo-derived cells but without some of the ethical and safety concerns. n a two-hour procedure starting at 14:20 local time