Why the right to science matters for everyone

Jessica M. Wyndham (Interim Director of the Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science) and Margaret Weigers Vitullo (Director of Academic and Professional Affairs at the American Sociological Association) discuss the 2017 March for Science in the context of the human right to science for openDemocracy. The authors

Disability and the Right to Choose: the story of Jennifer Bartlett.

As a young woman, I had no particular desire to be a mother. I was neither for nor against having and raising a child, and as things were at the time, the opportunity had not presented itself. That changed when I was 29 and met Jim, the man who would become my husband. In 2002,

Meet Dr. Willie Parker, a Southern Christian Abortion Provider

No issue in America is more toxic than abortion, and that’s partly because it is today so closely associated with religion. While many feminists see abortion as a matter of choice, some Christians see it as murder. Then there are people like Dr. Willie Parker. Dr. Parker is black, feminist and driven by his Christian

Japan plans to revise policy on doing research on human embryos

The Japan News/Yomiuri   TOKYO – The Japanese government plans to revise its basic policy on conducting research on human embryos, in an effort to implement state-led regulations on such research, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. Aiming to meet the challenges posed by new technologies such as genome editing – a technology that efficiently alters