New Euthanasia Debate in Spain

Spain’s Congress of Deputies is debating new euthanasia legislation, as right-to-die lobbyists intensify their campaign in the country. Unidos Podemos (UP), a political coalition of the the Communist Party and the major party Podemos, presented a bill to Congress in mid-January that would permit assisted dying under certain circumstances. The Unidos Podemos bill proposes that

Gorsuch Staunchly Opposes ‘Aid in Dying.’ Does It Matter?

Ever since President Trump nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court, interested parties have been combing through his writings and appellate court rulings looking for signs and portents. If he’s confirmed, how might Judge Gorsuch vote on affirmative action questions? Or  challenges to Roe v. Wade? But nobody

Dutch will probably legalise assisted dying for people tired of living

The Dutch government plans to create a new end-of-life law for elderly people who are tired of living. Health Minister Edith Schippers told Parliament that a new kind of assisted suicide is needed for people who are not terminally ill or suffering, but who want to die (link to letter to Parliament, in Dutch). She

Victoria to debate assisted suicide

The Labor Government of the Australian state of Victoria will introduce legislation into the Parliament next year to legalise assisted suicide. The Labor Party will allow its MPs a conscience vote. Assisted suicide recently failed in the South Australian Parliament, but only after the Speaker cast the deciding vote. Supporters of change have been buoyed up by

Mexico City legalizes right to euthanasia

Mexico City has become the first entity within Mexico to legalize euthanasia, after the issue was approved Wednesday by the city’s constitutional assembly.  “This is a law that is moving forward in many countries. We also believe that if a person has the right to live with dignity, they also have the right to die

“Belgium is the first country in the world not to look away”

“Belgium is the first country in the world not to look away from the unbearable suffering conditions that can affect young people as well. Belgian rules provide sufficient safeguards to prevent the abuses and the oppression, that occur in the clandestineness, to which we are condemned by such laws like the Italian ones,”, Mina Welby

Former Australian PM Bob Hawke backs euthanasia

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has emerged as a strong supporter of legalised euthanasia. In an interview on ABC Radio, he said that some people were dying in terrible pain and should be able to schedule their own deaths. In his judgement, it is an “inarguable case”: “In my judgement, there’s no moral or

California legislature approves bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide

Sharon Bernstein reporst from Reuter: The California legislature on Friday approved a bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients despite opposition from religious and disability rights groups, sending it to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown for his approval or veto. The bill would allow mentally competent patients to request a prescription that would end

Human Rights Court Allows Ending Treatment of Comatose Man

PARIS — Europe’s top human rights court has allowed doctors to stop treatment of a French man left comatose after a car accident seven years ago, a case that has drawn nationwide attention amid debate about end-of-life practices. The European Court of Human Rights on Friday confirmed a decision by a French court last year

Chilean Girl Who Wished for Euthanasia Passes Away

An ailing Chilean girl who got international attention by going on YouTube to make a public plea for permission to end her life has died of her illness. Cystic fibrosis sufferer Valentina Maureira had asked Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to allow her to be euthanized in the YouTube video earlier this year. Her father, Fredy