Oklahoma Lawmakers Approve Bill to Revoke Licenses of Abortion Doctors.

An Oklahoma bill that could revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion may soon head to the governor, with opponents saying the measure in unconstitutional and promising a legal battle against the cash-strapped state if it is approved. In the Republican-dominated legislature, the state’s House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a Senate bill

Former Australian PM Bob Hawke backs euthanasia

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has emerged as a strong supporter of legalised euthanasia. In an interview on ABC Radio, he said that some people were dying in terrible pain and should be able to schedule their own deaths. In his judgement, it is an “inarguable case”: “In my judgement, there’s no moral or

Playing the bioethical Trump card

What do bioethicists think of Donald Trump? Probably not much. Trump views on bioethical issues are either ill-defined or extreme: He flip-flopped on abortion this week, appearing to change position three times in the space of a day. And after the Brussell’s terrorist attacks he called for a liberisation of US laws on turture of