Chilean Girl Who Wished for Euthanasia Passes Away

An ailing Chilean girl who got international attention by going on YouTube to make a public plea for permission to end her life has died of her illness. Cystic fibrosis sufferer Valentina Maureira had asked Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to allow her to be euthanized in the YouTube video earlier this year. Her father, Fredy

In libreria gli atti della Terza Sessione del Congresso Mondiale per la libertà di ricerca scientifica.

Gli Autori sono personalità del mondo scientifico, politico e di organizzazioni per la difesa dei diritti della persone malate e disabili, invitati dal Partito radicale e dall’Associazione Luca Coscioni. Il curatore, Marco Cappato, è Coordinatore del Congresso e Tesoriere dell’associazione. Già Parlamentare europeo, è promotore della campagna EutanaSIA legale.

Dutch Court Clears Man Who Helped His 99-Year-Old Mother Die

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A Dutch appeals court on Wednesday cleared a man of any criminal responsibility for helping his 99-year-old mother take her own life — a case that aimed to create precedents for assisting suicide in a country where euthanasia already is legal under certain circumstances. Judges in the city of Arnhem said

Chinese Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos In A Divided World

By James Maynard The first genetic modifications of human embryos by researchers in China have left scientists and the global public divided over ethics. People around the world are grouping into several camps over the scientific breakthrough, which has added fuel to the already heated debate. Genetic editing of humans while they develop in the