The Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress for Freedom of Research

The “World Congress for Freedom of Research” gathers scientists, researchers, politicians and citizens with the purpose of finding solutions for the governance of issues such as research on embryos, patents, clinical trials, narcotic drugs, GMOs, animal testing and, more in general, to address the relationship between science and religion, and science and democracy. It owes

Kenlissia Jones abortion: Prosecutor drops murder charges against woman detained after ‘taking abortion pill’

A prosecutor in Georgia prosecutor announced on Wednesday that he had dismissed murder charges against a 23-year-old woman accused of inducing an abortion by taking pills. The Associated Press reported that Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards had said in statement that Kenlissia Jones had been released from jail. However, she still faced a charge

California Senate approves hotly debated physician-assisted suicide bill

The California Senate approved a physician-assisted suicide bill on Thursday that would allow some terminally ill patients to obtain medication to end their lives, even as opponents criticized the bill as dangerous. California lawmakers unveiled the bill in January in an effort tearfully welcomed by a woman whose 29-year-old daughter, Brittany Maynard, moved from California

Human Rights Court Allows Ending Treatment of Comatose Man

PARIS — Europe’s top human rights court has allowed doctors to stop treatment of a French man left comatose after a car accident seven years ago, a case that has drawn nationwide attention amid debate about end-of-life practices. The European Court of Human Rights on Friday confirmed a decision by a French court last year

World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research Updates Made between 2/15 – 5/15

Country Report – Canada: Canada is currently one of the few countries in the world that does not place any legal restrictions on abortion. In 1969, during former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal administration, a law was introduced legalizing abortion in Canada as long as a committee of doctors signed off that it was

World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research Summary of Updates Made between 2/15 – 5/15

  The purpose of my assignment with the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research was to research legislative changes that took place between April 2014 and May 2015 relating to abortion, end-of-life decisions, stem-cell research, and assisted reproduction technologies. By studying past news articles and websites dedicated to such topics, I had to determine