Gorsuch Staunchly Opposes ‘Aid in Dying.’ Does It Matter?

Ever since President Trump nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court, interested parties have been combing through his writings and appellate court rulings looking for signs and portents. If he’s confirmed, how might Judge Gorsuch vote on affirmative action questions? Or  challenges to Roe v. Wade? But nobody

Judge Blocks Medicaid Cuts to Planned Parenthood in Texas

A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked Texas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood, ruling the state had presented no credible evidence to support claims the organization violated medical or ethical standards related to abortion procedures. The ruling, a preliminary injunction issued by Sam Sparks, a United States District Court judge in the

Where Is Abortion Illegal? Brazil Decriminalizes Early-Pregnancy Terminations Amid Zika Virus Debate

Anti-abortion sentiment may be starting to shift in Latin America. Brazil’s Supreme Court this week decriminalized early-term abortions, overturning prison sentences for five ex-employees of a Rio de Janeiro abortion clinic on the grounds that terminating pregnancies within the trimester should not be considered a crime, according to teleSUR. The country previously prohibited abortion except in