National Political Career

Elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in 1976; re-elected at every subsequent election (1979, 1983, 1987, 1992, 1994).

Has held office such as that of chair of the parliamentary group of the Radical Party and was a member of the Presidential Bureau of the Parliament. Re-elected Member of Parliament for the seventh time in 2006.

Founder in 1975 of the CISA, Information Centre on Sterilisation and Abortion, and promoter of the referendum which led to the introduction of the legalisation of abortion in Italy.

Promoter of a referendum against nuclear energy (1986) that led to the rejection of a civil nuclear energy programme in Italy.

Appointed in May 2006 Minister for International Trade and European Affairs.

Elected in May 2008 Vice President of the Senate.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy from April 2013 to February 2014.


International Political Career

Elected to the European Parliament in 1979; re-elected in 1984, 1999 and in 2004. President (1991-1993) and Secretary (1993-1994), Transnational Radical Party.

Appointed in October 1994 Head of the Italian Government delegation to the UN General Assembly for the “Moratorium on death penalty” initiative.

Appointed in 1994 European Commissioner responsible for Consumer Policy, Fisheries and the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO).

In 1997 her field of competence was widened to include consumer health protection and food safety.

Appointed, in November 2002, Head of the Italian Delegation to the Inter- governmental Conference of the Community of Democracies in Seoul, and again in 2005, Head of the Italian Delegation to its Third Ministerial Conference in Santiago, Chile.