A great topic of the congress within the general aim of Science and Freedom: Bridging the gap between science and politics. It is one of the pre-conditions for future solutions to foster the dialogue between those two important elements of the human society. Both sides need to reshuffle their attitude by entering more serious, professional discourse processes of the second generation, respecting different kinds of knowledge, realizing that both sides deal with “wicked problems” containing also social tensions etc. We have to be ready to rethink seemingly normal concepts, such as the one making a huge difference between transgenic and non-transgenic plants, which is, on the process level, not scientifically justified. Our society is misguided by a highly commercialized press industry, preferring evil news, since goodness is not really entertaining. Our evolution-based reaction scheme to fight with guts feelings against fear and evil does not fit anymore to modern society as a survival scheme, we need to enter a new era of constructive innovation and this will need also to accept innovative new world concepts in culture and dialogue.