We the undersigned, the participants to the Founding Session of the “World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research”, gathered together on the 9th and 10th of October 2004 in Rome, pledge to found the “World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research” Association, and to convene its First Assembly.

The “World Congress” Association will have the following goals:

– In the near-term: to vigorously re-launch, through all means, the Appeal against the prohibition of research on embryonic stem cells (notwithstanding our opposition to the cloning of human beings) – already undersigned by 18 Nobel Prize winners and addressed to the United Nations, – and to submit it to all national and international institutions which may be examining similar proposals;

– In the long-term: a) to carry out proper monitoring of freedom of science, knowledge and awareness all over the world, and encourage the debate on related scientific matters, possibly putting forth proposals to submit to policy-makers; b) to organise initiatives aimed at preventing obscurantist and repressive stances opposed to the freedom of conscience and scientific research.

In order to achieve its goals, the “World Congress” should provide a permanent forum for those concerned about these matters, be they. citizens, world celebrities of science, culture and politics, as well as institutions and organizations (research centres, universities, patient associations and human rights organizations, scientific academies and even public institutions which may be interested, including governments).

The First Assembly of the “World Conference” Association ( to be called in 2005) shall be paramount in determining the rules and objectives of the association, which will be provisionally called “World Conference for Freedom of Scientific Research”.

The preparation of the First Assembly will be jointly undertaken by a “Promoting Committee” and a “Coordinating Secretariat”:

– The “Promoting Committee” will firstly gather all those who seek membership by contributing a symbolic fee (i.e. one dollar/euro) on the occasion of the Founding Session. Subsequently, other people or organisations may join the Committee upon request. It is up to the “Promoting Committee” to set forth the subjects and proposals for the First Assembly;

– The “Coordinating Secretariat” will be in charge of the organisation of the First Assembly and the necessary fund-raising efforts, as well as the functioning of the Promoting Committee. Until the First Assembly is held, the “Coordinating Secretariat” will be run by the Luca Coscioni Association, which has already organised the Founding Session of the “World Congress”.