World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

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Number 27, August 2011

  • Gene Patents Upheld in Myriad Appeal. The new ruling reverses the district court’s decision that Myriad’s composition of matter claims covering isolated DNA molecules were patent-ineligible products of nature under, “since the molecules as claimed do not exist in nature.”  Read the full article @ Burril Report.
  • Prevent Infertility Lectures for High School Pupils. A friend and partner of the World Congress, CHEN – Patient Fertility association, Israel, is promoting a campaign to reduce pupils suffering from HIV-AIDS or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases that lead to mechanical infertility. Read more.

News in brief:

  • “Regulations proposed for animal–human chimaeras. UK lays out first framework to govern ethically sensitive research field” (source NatureNews)
  • “Poland: How the democratic transition in Poland left reproductive rights behind The Price of Democracy in Illegal Abortions” (source European Pro-Choice Network)

Freedom of research and treatment around the world. Take the survey!

Help complete the survey aiming to gather data that will be added to the existing database monitoring the freedom of research and treatment around the world.  Take the survey if you are familiar with the laws regulating one of more of the following areas of biomedical research and/or health care in any country: (1) Assisted Reproductive Technologies; (2) Abortion; (3) Research with Human Embryonic Stem Cells; and (4) End of Life Decisions. If you would like any additional information, have questions or are willing to make suggestions to improve the survey, you can contact at

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