Bridging the Gap between Science and Politics

The scientific method is a fundamental tool for the life of the democratic method. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of processes that have a huge impact on anthropology itself, such as revolutions in the field of digital or genomic technologies. If one wants to prevent that the democratic method is overwhelmed by external

Presentation of the Global Index on Freedom of Research and Self-Determination

In modern societies, freedom of research and freedom of treatment are challenged and nevertheless crucial aspects. In my speech I will investigate this topic, and I will show the results of a study aimed at creating a world index of freedom of research and treatment. In developing this index, we started from the analysis of

The value of assisted reproduction

Up to one in five couples experience infertility, as defined by lack of conception after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse.  Many causes of infertility cannot be successfully overcome with specific medical and surgical treatment – especially where the cause of infertility is unexplained. In prolonged unresolved infertility, the preferred option is to use in-vitro

A radical reform of policies governing research and scientific education

Science has always had to struggle in all societies, with no distinction in space and time. The human beings’ natural tendency to irrationality and the poor scientific knowledge within wide sectors of the society have been predominant factors. Science still needs to be protected, perhaps even more than in the past. An improved scientific education

GM-crops: How to construct successfully bridges between Science and Politics – a difficult task

A great topic of the congress within the general aim of Science and Freedom: Bridging the gap between science and politics. It is one of the pre-conditions for future solutions to foster the dialogue between those two important elements of the human society. Both sides need to reshuffle their attitude by entering more serious, professional

Final Declaration of the Third Meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research

DRAFT FINAL DECLARATION  We, the undersigned, women and men of science, politicians, citizens met in Rome (Chamber of Deputies and Capitol hill) for the Third meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Research. We welcome the continuation of the World Congress initiative, started with the Constituent Assembly meeting in October 2004 and continued through