The anthology Feminists on the Frontline: Case Studies of Resisting and Challenging Fundamentalisms has been published by AWID – Association for Women’s Rights Development

The anthology includes the case study Associazione Luca Coscioni and the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research: An Italian Experience of Resisting Religious Fundamentalisms by Carmen Sorrentino.

This collection of case studies is a testament to the women and men around the world who have stood up to reject the imposition of norms and values in the name of religion as well as to expose and challenge the privileged position given to religion in public policies. In 2008 AWID had launched a call for proposals to document the strategies of women’s rights activists confronting religious fundamentalisms. The final 18 case studies presented in the anthology are drawn from a wide range of religious and geographical contexts, and cover various fields of activism. Together with AWID, Luca Coscioni Association hopes that this collection will inspire, inform and encourage discussion and debate. Please visit AWID page for updates, as finalized case studies and a brief summary of each case study will be posted on a rolling basis. A paper that introduces the trends and themes that are threaded through the various case studies will be posted soon.