Dear Colleagues,
If we ask someone what comes into mind about Hungary, the answer is mostly two things. The first is Puskás, the legendary Hungarian football player of the Real Madrid. We do not want to include his success into the new Constitution, not like the other thing that always comes into mind about Hungary: the revolution of 1956. Even though the new Hungarian democracy derives its roots from the heroism of the revolution of 1956, the present Hungarian Constitution does not mention this outstanding historical moment.
The present Constitution must be reformed as it was supposed to be a temporary one. Its first sentence says that the Hungarian Parliament creates this temporary Constitution until the parties create the final one. Parties attempted to create the final Constitution for eight years but they did not succeed. Despite the parties could not agree on the new Constitution the political system worked constitutionally therefore this question was set aside from the agenda.
In the frame of the new Constitution we will define our values, mention the great moments of the Hungarian history, define our political system. Among many others, the Hungarian Constitution may contain a fiscal chapter – as it is in Poland – which constitutionally restricts the national depth already in the annual budget planning process.
In your open letter you warn us to avoid the understanding of life from the conception. I personally and also my party, the Christiandemocrats believe that the Hungarian Constitution should contain the protection of life understood as starting from the conception. Would it mean that we want to restrict abortion? No, we are about to create a law that forbids any legal changes on this subject. The restriction would be too easy and too useless. It would lead to “garage hospitals” or abortion tourism. We would not support that.
We intend to regulate the understanding of life starting from the conception in the Constitution in order to make laws which would create a secure and tolerant society for those women who decide to give birth to their child and raise or adopt them. That is what we want.
I hope you will follow the construction of the new Hungarian Constitution. I also hope that you will see soon a country that is in good economical condition and has good ideas for the whole European community.

Your faithfully,

Endre Spaller
Member of the Hungarian Parliament

Budapest, February 18, 2011