The bulletin – Number 21, February 2011

If you have trouble reading this, please click World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research the bulletin Number 21, February 2011 Hungary and secularism. Following to the open letter sent to the members of the Hungarian Parliament, drawing MPs’ attention on the fact that the draft constitution “if approved in its present version, might

Answer to open letter of the Luca Coscioni Association

Dear Colleagues, If we ask someone what comes into mind about Hungary, the answer is mostly two things. The first is Puskás, the legendary Hungarian football player of the Real Madrid. We do not want to include his success into the new Constitution, not like the other thing that always comes into mind about Hungary:

HCLU on Hungarian Constitution

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is a human rights watch-dog NGO established in 1994. The HCLU received an invitation to take part in the work of the ad-hoc Parliamentarian Committee on Constitution Drafting. HCLU declined the invitation. The reasons why HCLU made this decision reflects our opinion on the draft of the new Constitution. In