Petition Launched to Allocate EU Funds for Research on Embryonic Stem Cells

Nobel Prize-winners, scientists and European politicians support freedom of scientific research in Europe. Brussels. While the European Parliament is discussing the 7th Research Framework Programme, the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research ( and the Luca Coscioni Association have launched a petition calling on the European Parliament to ensure that the Seventh Framework Programme

EU stem cell funding in jeopardy?

A handful of nations seek a ban even in countries where the research is legal [The Scientist] Germany, Austria and other nations opposed to EU funding of human embryonic stem cell research proposed an EU funding ban this month in Brussels at a meeting of the EU’s 25 national science ministers, raising concerns that the

EDAB News about the World Congress

The European Dana Alliance for the Brain has published an article about the first meeting of the World Congress for Freedom of Research.

Universal Stem Cell Principles Proposed

Rules Would Guide Research Efforts By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Concerned that the world’s patchwork of laws and ethics rules governing human embryonic stem cell research is sowing confusion and stymieing international collaborations, scientists, ethicists and others have mounted a major effort to devise a set of universal principles that would guide the