B. SORIA: “The experience of Spain for freedom of scientific research and cure�?

“The experience of Spain for freedom of scientific research and cure�? by Bernat Soria, Minister of Health, Spain Many thanks for this opportunity to be here with you. I am willing to tell you what a researcher, who dedicated his life to the research in a laboratory and his last years to stem cells and

Freedom of research in SPAIN – Country report and synoptic table

Spain was surveyed by the students of Bryant University, RI, USA. Last update: March 2009. Any peer review of data is welcome. Monitoring freedom of research and cure in SPAIN* Table of content: A. Artificial reproduction technologies (ART) B. Research with human embryonic stem cells (hESC) C. End-of-life decisions D. Abortion and contraception A. Artificial

“Three Courageous Italian Scientists — An Example for Louisiana” by Barbara Forrest*

*Barbara Forrest, Department of HiNews & Political Science, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA, took part in the last meeting of the World Congress for freedom of scientific research. Read original version with hyperlinks “This website is normally devoted to providing information about the teaching of evolution and the fight against creationism in Louisiana and related topics.

The Law 40/2004. Five years of hindrance of assisted reproduction in Italy

The condition of infertility is defined as the inability to procreate after two years of unprotected sexual intercourse. The problem seems to affect about 12-15% of couples of reproductive age and has not just medical but social dimensions. In Italy, each year about 40,000 new couples may encounter some procreative difficulties. The older the couple