Freedom of research in United Kingdom

United Kingdom was surveyed by the Library of the European Parliament – DG Presidency. Last update: December 2008. Any peer review of data is welcome (see attachment)

Charles Sabine: “A layman’s perspective�?

First of all, there is something I must make clear. That is, I am most certainly not a scientist. So forgive me, if my views and theories are not backed up by data. That is the happy prerogative of the lay social commentator – or, dare I say, politician – to be able to cherry

Drugs: the Radicals participate in the Vienna Declaration, requesting that Ban Ki Moon supports the decriminalisation

03/08/2010 Joint declaration by the Nonviolent Radical Party transnational and transparty, Luca Coscioni Association and the International Anti-prohibitionist League For decades, staff working with HIV-positive patients or patients with drug addiction have collected scientific evidence bearing witness to the failings of prohibitionist policies; however, reading this data from an ideological standpoint one could easily ignore