The bulletin – Number 23, April 2011

If you have trouble reading this, please click World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research the bulletin Number 23, April 2011   Embryo’s patentability, your comments. In response to newsletter no. 22, Bernard Siegel, Executive Director and founder of Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), sent his opinion on patentability of biotechnology inventions: “In a sense,

Echoes in Europe of Sherley v. Sebelius: The Meaning of “Human Embryo”

Three weeks ago, on March 10, the Advocate General of the European Union’s Court of Justice, issued a non-binding preliminary opinion “in complete independence” on the question of the meaning of the term “human embryo” in the 1998 European Commission directive on the patentability of biotechnology inventions. This opinion concludes that “an invention cannot be

On embryo’s patentability and freedom of research

Briefly, I would say that Science is not the enemy; science would not be science if it does not fulfil the human quest of discovery, wherever it may lead. The true enemy is human dialogue on the one hand and abuse of science on the other. Human dialogue is often found solely under the disguise